NAILCARE: How to remove CND™️ SHELLAC™️ / Shellac nails at home / DIY Shellac nail removal

How to correctly remove CND™️ SHELLAC™️ (gel polish) correctly at home – DIY Shellac nail removal at home

Nails by Mets highly recommends having your CND™️ SHELLAC™️ manicure or pedicure removed by a CND™️ trained professional. Our clients book regular fortnightly to 3 weekly appointments where their CND™️ SHELLAC™️ is correctly removed and then reapplied.

By having your CND™️ SHELLAC™️ manicure and pedicure removed by a CND™️ trained professional, you can be confident that your natural nails will be well looked after with zero damage. Healthy, natural nails is the number one priority for Nails by Mets.

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However, we completely understand that some clients may not be able to visit a CND™️ professional – perhaps due to travel or busy schedules. Nails by Mets founder and CND™️ Master Painter, Metta Francis, has put together this very hand step by step guide on how to remove your CND™️ SHELLAC™️ manicure correctly at home.

All Nails by Mets clients can purchase a genuine at home CND™️ SHELLAC™️ removal kit during your appointment. To purchase after your appointment, please email us at and we can get the kit sent to you.

Any questions? Check the FAQs below and if we haven’t answered your question please comment below.

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Apply CND Offly Fast to the cotton pad part of a CND foil remover wrap.
Wrap tightly around the nail & finger. Fold the end back over the nail to retain heat.
Repeat on all nails. If removing on yourself, do one hand at a time.
Set timer. 5 mins for XPRESS5/8 mins for Original & Matte/15 Mins for Duraforce (10 mins for 2x X5)
Rub & twist to remove wrap. Most product will have flaked off. Use CND Scrubfresh to remove residue.
Use a wipe & CND Scrubfresh to gently scrub away remaining CND SHELLAC. Any stubborn bits? Rewrap!
Voilá! CND SHELLAC removed with zero damage to the natural nails (pre cuticle oil & nail prep).
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• Do you need to file off or buff the top layer? No, this isn’t necessary for genuine CND™️ SHELLAC™️.

• Can you use this method of removal for other gel polish brands?

Yes, but it is best to check the manufacturer instructions. Most gel polishes require you to buff the top surface to “break the seal” and allow the remover to penetrate more effectively. There is also usually a longer soak off time (approx 15 mins for true gel polish)

• Can you use acetone instead of the CND™️ Offly Fast?

Yes, however CND™️ Offly Fast has been created to work in harmony with CND™️ SHELLAC™️ and from experience, it is more effective and efficient. It also contains macadamia seed oil which helps keep the nails moisturised/ prevents dehydration, often seen when using pure acetone.

• Can you use the CND™️ Offly Fast to remove the residue? Why do you use CND Scrubfresh?

Yes you absolutely can and it is recommended to use 🙂 However, if you are going on to reapply CND Shellac, I like to use CND Scrubfresh as Offly Fast is much more moisturising. The nail plate needs to be free of oils for CND Shellac to perform at its best so I use Scrubfresh to keep the nail clean.

• Why did you set removal time for 10 minutes?

I am wearing 2 x coats of XPRESS5 Top Coat (to seal in the striping tape) so doubled the normal removal time of 5 minutes.

• I’ve tried this but the product isn’t coming off easily at all! What can I do?

It’s likely that you’re not wearing genuine CND™️ SHELLAC™️ if it doesn’t flake off or remove easily, as shown. A professional removal is always recommended to avoid damaging your nails. Never pick or peel off the gel polish. Buff the surface of the product further (without touching/reaching the natural nail), use more remover and leave to soak off for longer.

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