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NAILCARE: How to remove CND™️ SHELLAC™️ / Shellac nails at home / DIY Shellac nail removal

How to correctly remove CND™️ SHELLAC™️ (gel polish) correctly at home – DIY Shellac nail removal at home Nails by Mets highly recommends having your CND™️ SHELLAC™️ manicure or pedicure removed by a CND™️ trained professional. Our clients book regular fortnightly to 3 weekly appointments where their CND™️ SHELLAC™️ is correctly removed and then reapplied. […]

Happy New Year!

Thank YOU for everything. To our AMAZING Nails by Mets clients, we wish you a very happy new year and wish you all the very best for 2020. We hope you enjoy another year and decade of happiness, love, good vibes and of course incredible nails! When Nails by Mets was officially launched 9 years […]