Fashion Targets Breast Cancer Nail Art Tutorial

Fashion Targets Breast Cancer 2015 is in full swing (you can read about the campaign and my involvement here) and today I’m showing you how to create a gorgeous spotted floral nail art design, inspired by the Fashion Targets X Marks & Spencer jumpsuit & top.

JBrandao FTBC FINAL (5) JBrandao FTBC FINAL (25)

Models: Mollie Campsie & Rachael Williams @ Bridge Models

To create this spotted floral nail art design you will need:

– Base & Top Coat
– Striping brush
– Nails Inc St John’s Wood
– Nails Inc Old Burlington Street
– Nails Inc Berkeley Street
– Nails Inc Baker Street
– Nail polish remover pen/clean-up brush

1 2

Step 1:
1. Cut & file nails to desired length and shape
2. Apply 2 coats of Nails inc. St John’s Wood onto all nails apart from the ring fingers
3. Apply 2 coats of Nails inc. Old Burlington Street onto the ring fingers
(ensure the first coat is dry before applying the 2nd coat!)

Step 2:
1. Using a striping brush and Nails inc. Berkeley Street, paint the flower stem from the base of the nail towards the tip
(don’t load the brush too much with nail polish and use soft, gentle strokes)

3 4

Step 3:
1. Using a striping brush and Nails inc. St John’s Wood, paint the outline of the leaves and fill in

Step 4:
1. Using the thin striping brush and Nails inc. St John’s Wood, paint flower petals

5 6

Step 5:
1. Using the striping brush and Nails inc. Baker Street, paint a blue leaf and petals

Step 6:
1. Using the very tip of the striping brush (or a small dotting tool), paints dots inside the top 2 light pink petals


Step 7:
1. Apply top coat to all nails
2. Use a nail corrector pen or clean-up brush and nail polish remover to remove any excess nail polish from the skin around the nail.

Fashion Targets Breast Cancer nail art by NAILS BY METS


Will you be trying out this design? What do you think about the gorgeous jumpsuit? Let me know in the comments section below!

Thank you Nails inc. for providing the nail polishes and to Michael-Tomas Mobbs for the nail art tutorial images, taken backstage during the campaign shoot!

Metta Francis (Mets)

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