Updated Nails by Mets COVID-19 Protocols

Updated April 2022

Nails by Mets has updated the COVID-19 protocols in line with the latest government guidance. As always, Nails by Mets takes health & safety seriously and will continue to implement a number of protocols to best protect yourslves ~ our wonderful clients ~ and ourselves.

Don’t worry, there’s nothing bizarre! Keep reading to ensure that you are fully prepared, just as we are, for your next appointment and please only book in if you are happy with all protocols.

We want you to feel as comfortable as possible and to feel completely pampered so if you have any concerns, please contact us via the form or text/call 07539393225. To make a booking, fill out the booking form.

See you all very soon,

Metta (Mets) ~ Nails by Mets founder


• You will need to complete a Pre Screening Questionnaire at least 24 hours before your appointment ~ please ensure you answer all questions honestly.

Please reschedule your appointment if you are experiencing any COVID-19 related symptoms (a high temperature, a new continous cough, a loss or change in your sense of smell/taste), have tested postive for COVID-19 and/or you are self isolating. Please also reschedule your appointment if you are feeling generally unwell (including common colds)

• Please confirm what colour/nail design you would like and a carefully curated selection of colours will be taken to each appointment. You can check our Instagram or Pinterest pages for inspiration! 

• Ensure you have an open, uncluttered space available for Nails by Mets to set up in.

• To assist with ventilation, please kindly air out the space 30 minutes before your appointment by opening the windows/using an air purifier.


• Please leave windows open/use an air purifier during the appointment, to assist with ventilation.

• As face coverings are optional, you can decide whether you wish to wear a face covering for the duration of your treatment.

• You will be asked to wash your hands (please do this for a minimum of 20 seconds) and hand sanitiser will be provided for you to disinfect your hands before the treatment.

• Please avoid touching your mouth and face during the appointment.

• Contactless payment (credit/debit card/BACS) is preferred, however cash is accepted. Please note that we do not carry change however.


• Suitable PPE will be worn ~ mask, gloves & apron. As always, gloves will be used during your treatment. Where appropriate, a visor/safety goggles will also be worn. Single use items will be disposed of and reusable items cleaned & disinfected.

• As always, all equipment/workspace will be thoroughly cleaned. As usual, this will be cleaned before entering your home but will also be carried out whilst in your home so please allow a little extra time for this.

• As standard, all tools are either single use OR thoroughly cleaned & disinfected. A medical grade autoclave will also be used to sterilise all suitable tools and accessories (e.g. all metal implements such as cuticle pushers, nippeers etc). Using an autoclave provides 100% peace of mind, by killing 100% of all pathogens (sanitising & disinfection kills 99.99%).

Single use/individual pedicure liners and fresh towels will be used for every client & we aim to use biodegradable single use towels where possible. You are also welcome to provide your own towels to use, if preferred.

• A dust collector will be used for relevant appointments. Some of you may already be familiar with this (nail enhancement clients). It can be a little noisy but does a great job of capturing all the nail filings and dust!

• Appointments will be rescheduled ASAP if COVID-19 related symptoms are experienced/positive COVID-19 test received by Nails by Mets.

Health, safety & hygiene has always been, and will continue to be, a #1 priority for Nails by Mets. This is one thing we pride ourselves on and one reason why our service is multi award winning. Book in today to see what sets Nails by Mets apart from other mobile nail service providers.

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